Piedmont Region

Consumer protection

To ensure the efficiency of consumer rights is the target, the Piedmont region has set itself with the regional law of October 26, 2009, n.24. Two means have been identified to reach this: reinforce the role of consumer associations and realize a series of direct initiatives of education and information.
The enhancement of the protection function of the Associations, if it is expressed at regional level by the implementation of a network of desks managed by the Associations and financed by the Region where consumers may turn to, to get assistance and information. Facilitating access to protection of the proper rights through the assistance of the Associations (which they will get that way) is the main service the Region provides to the consumers of the Piedmont.
The Region dedicates a similar commitment to the dissemination of a new culture of consumption that would make prevail the responsibility and the consciousness of the choices against irrational behaviour and enducement. The Scuola del Consumo Consapevole (school of conscious consumption) is the most important initiative of training and cultural sensitization the Region has put into practice on this subject involving in a stable and lasting relation young people through the schools (but not only them) .

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