Global Player

„Global Player“ is a parlour game developed within the framework of the project “cross-border workshop on the prevention of overindebtedness” by the debt-counselling department of the Verbraucherschutzzentrale (VSZ). This project has been financed by the Interreg-Programme of Greater Region and the Walloon Region.

„Global Player“ is an educational game consisting of a board and playing cards and aiming at explaining the causal link between individual action – consumption or behaviour – and the state of our planet. It allows to playfully introduce sustainability issues.

The game may be used in schools as well as in youth organisations. It is particularly suitable to introduce the subject of development indicators, but also to reflect on our consumer behaviour. Much importance was attached to design an attractive and exciting game.

Further training modules (consume differently, indicators of sustainable development, sustainable consumption, textiles) are available at the VSZ.

Goal of the game:

Each player is given a “citizen” or “consumer profile” and has to realise individual actions according to this profile in order to collect points. Pursuit of his own personal interest (profile), however, will also have an influence on the whole world. It is expressed by four development indicators: economy, social issues, environment and well-being. If the players do not succeed together to keep a certain balance of the world, they will be subject to “painful” measures via the compulsory cards, in order to restore the balance again. The winner is the player with the best score.

Reflections and discussion:

The goal of the game is to reflect about our consumer decisions and to discuss about their consequences, especially regarding indebtedness, environment and society.

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