New service of the Verbraucherzentrale Saarland

Mobility advice on the offer of local public transport

Late trains, missed connections, inscrutable fares, missing customer information - these are only some of the problems commuters and occasional users of bus and train are confronted with every day. In order to save nerves, time and money with local public transport, the Verbraucherzentrale started the campaign:
”Future offensive for bus and train – cooperation with the consumer in order to strengthen the offer and customer rights”.

The Verbraucherzentrale will be the place to go for the people from the Saarland when they have problems or trouble with the offer of local public transport. This new service is meant to help to further develop the offer of bus and train, if required, and to give train and bus customers a better access to more rights. This service of the Verbraucherzentrale Saarland could be extended to the whole SaarLorLux area, if necessary.

As representative of the passengers’ rights and consumer interests in local public transport, the offer of the Verbraucherzentrale Saarland is primarily meant to be an independent mediator in case of disputes between passengers and transport services, if the passenger and the transport service do not come to a satisfactory acceptable solution. The Verbraucherzentrale Saarland is also available for general complaints and suggestions around bus and train. In its dialogue with the transport services, the Verbraucherzentrale also tries to optimize consumer rights and to bring more transparency into settlements out of goodwill. Here, the Verbraucherzentrale develops solutions to problems together with all parties involved. The results will be reflected to the providers, as everybody knows that the use of public transports is also a contribution to climate protection.

The Verbraucherzentrale Saarland uses its know-how from the management of complaints and extrajudicial settlement of disputes also within this project designed as a test. It thereby supports any kind of quality improvement on behalf of the passengers and the consumers.

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