Consumo ergo sum?

Ich konsumiere, also bin ich? (I consume, therefore I am?)

From March 15 till April 2, 2007, the exhibition is presented in Eupen, thereafter it will tour through Belgium.

René Descartes s’ famous sentence „I think, therefore I am“ has become the maxim of European Enlightenment. This exhibition also wants to enlighten, namely about the meaning of consumption and consuming in our seemingly enlightened society. If at the beginning of the 17th century, Descartes set as first priority of the critical human to put in doubt traditional truths and certainties, today’s throw-away society often defines itself through uncritical and immoderate consumption. The exhibition of the Verbraucherschutzzentrale VoG shows through 4 different themes examples of different aspects of our consumer society: food, clothes, communication and mobility. With material, sensuous impulses and a combination of provoking statements in the form of text or images, visitors are confronted with the different aspects of our consumer society. Through information on production and diffusion techniques as well as critical ideas on a sustainable attitude to resources and the environment, the exhibition wants both to enlighten and to irritate. Every visitor shall have to deal with the question “To have or to be?” which has been put by Erich Fromm in 1976. This exhibition not only wants to provoke, but also to contribute to a sustainable development through practical hints and ideas and, last but not least, it wants to encourage.

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